Best of Athens Nemea Wine Roads

Best of Athens & Nemea Wine Roads

Athens Highlights & Wine Taste at Nemea
With this tour you will explore the real and revealing beauty of Athens, visit the best highlights of our architecture, mythology, history, civilization and a wonderful drive also to Nemea wine roads!

Acropolis Hill
Temple of Zeus
Panathenaic Stadium
Changing of the Guards
Lycabettus Hill
Academy of science
Athens University
National Library
Corinth Canal
Anc. Corinth
Nemea wine Roads

  • Comfortable clothing and athletic walking shoes are recommended.
  • Hat and sun glasses are suggested.
  • Photography is permitted throughout the tour.
  • Local cash needed for entrance fees and small expenses (25€ pp)
Tour Feedback
Activity Level 75%
Cultural 75%
Historical 75%
Kids Friendly 85%
Tour flexibility 90%
At your own pace 90%
Possitive Reviews 100%