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Greece was always a very popular destination for the travelers. But the last seven years according to researchers, the tourist industry in Greece grew two to three times faster than in Spain, Portugal, Italy or France (the Guardian, the Observer etc.). Here are some of  the advantages of traveling to Greece, compared to other European countries.

  • The Monuments – The archeological sites all over Greece are remarkable. Greece is the home country of Sciences, Sports, Theater, Architecture and Democracy.
  • The Natural Beauty – Greece has almost everything.. From Islands to mountains, lakes and rivers, trees and flowers, Greece will satisfy all kinds of demanding travelers.
  • The Food – Greece is the “Paradise of Foodies”. There are unlimited options of traditional dishes, meat plates, sea food, vegetarian food or fast food. Every place has different local recipes made from local products. Forget the diet for a few days.
  • The Sea – Greece is a place where you can find countless beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear, has the right temperature and portion of salt for swimming, without sharks and dangerous fish. Yes, Greece is the ultimate swimming destination.
  • The People – This is the number one advantage of Greece according to the travelers. Wherever you go, you will find honest and kind people with a warm smile in their face, ready to help you with whatever you need. Everybody speaks english except from the old people in villages. In Greece you will make friends and you will experience the Greek “Philoxenia”.  Explore Greece with our private tours

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